• 1 hora
  • 600
  • não
  • 2 horas
  • 650
  • não
  • pernoite
  • não
  • não
  • Idade – 21
  • Altura – 165
  • Peso – 47
For a few hours or a whole day I belong to you. You will get to know me, we chat a bit and then we already notice, what we both like. Maybe we can do without any words, maybe we also want to talk a lot. Who knows, everything is possible, but above all, anything is possible that you do not dare or utter. I am the one who listens to you, who judges nothing but sees challenges in everything. Let's see how it feels to us both. You will get to know a woman who enjoys everything, love of encounters, intensity and what can not be described. Get involved in an adventure, life is so poor in adventures!

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